Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Compared to Conventional Oven

Item Description
In a short time compared to conventional oven, grill, roast or steam, this versatile convection oven for baking use. Seuppataboohbun on the surface of the food stocks are equally forced hot air circulation fans, and by maintaining a uniform temperature of the meat is still tender.

Sunpentown - seuppataboohbun:

    * Bake, grill, roast steamed for a short time
    * Corning Ware glass cookware
    * Adjustable temperature 500F to exchange
    * 12 liters capacity
    * 5-60 minutes timer control
    * Includes a rack and Eastern Cuisine
    * 1200 watts
    * Model Number SO - 2000

Sunpentown SO - 2000 seuppataboohbun
Sunpentown seuppataboohbuneun (SO - 2000) for some time using convection heat, grill, roast or steam can be used to bake. Convection cooking surface evenly heated air to force the fans recursive temperature, preserve and maintain nutrients to keep the meat is tender. (SO a - 2000), a device that heats the oven to 500F of the ability to handle high temperature safety body has a bye crow let Syracuse. Multifunction: Safety is designed to compare different methods and convection cooking greatly reduces cooking time: up to 500F to a safe temperature, Syracuse (Corning) or glass contains Arcopal handled by setting a convenient grill convection oven, grill or steam foods You can use baking dish.

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